Here is a great deal on a Riding Jacket.

I just ordered one. I had heard good reviews on that jacket and was gonna get one someday.

Thanks for the lead.

Cool glad I could help.


You like the jacket, I've had mine for a year

I wear it in hills or when the desert gets

a little chilly. Did you get the liner and

shoulder and elbow pads?

I didn't see any option for pads or a liner at MSS or Acerbis.

I don't think they come with sholder and Elbow pads. Are you talking in Addition to the jacket???

Yes Sir, they were seperate, the pads are padded

plastic cups, and the liner is an isulated nylon.

Hasn't been cold enough for the liner yet, I don't

think I will ever have to use that, unless I get

to Colorado or Utah. Check with Acerbis they are

availble, the jacket has built in pockets for them.

Thanks for the heads up J. I just ordered the profile in black, #'s and BarkBusters.

Have you found any other good trails down your way?? You me & Grimmer got to get out when the weather breaks.


I'll sell you my pads. I bought one of these Jackets last year from MXSOUTH when they had them on sale. I also ordered the pads and it took 5 months to get them (must have been on the slooow boat from Italy). By the time I got them, I didn't need them. PM me if you're interested. xr650rider at

2000 sounds good! yep I found the lower end of the trails you found up off of "301". Sounds good on the future rides, I'll catch up with you! Hey we sould schedule another Tower City PA ride or a Hatfield Macoy visit..

P.S. I'm glad you got a jacket but more importantly you need to be on the look out for a new pair of riding boots!

Your Duck Tape doesn't work to well anymore with the whole sole floping off of your boots and all! :)

Got my Impact yesterday. I'm real happy with it. Pretty rugged and good vents. Also a clear arm pocket (for organ donor card I heard :)). I'm 5'9" 165 lbs. and ordered the large. It's not too big without pads but fits over my chest protector comfortably. It does have inside pockets for pads (that Beerman is selling me) avail. from Acerbis.



How about that zipper, that thing messes

me up everytime :)

Oh yeah, forgot about that. Is that a euro thing like having the steering wheel on the other side ? Maybe that's why they're clearance ? &%$#@!, I'm happy with it.

I thought it was a chick's jacket when I first put it on. :D

Aside from the reversed zipper, it's (the Profile is) a great jacket. Been using it every ride. :)

Thanks for the tip, mine yesterday...great jacket, and great price!

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