Tuning a 2013 YZ450

I purchased a 2013 YZ450F a couple of months ago for combination track and woods riding. I came off a 2011 CRF250R which was a great bike, just wanted more power so I passed the bike down to my oldest son and bought the 450. The first thing I noticed was that the throttle was almost like a switch and even slight variations over a jump results in an endo or a wheelie. When I am woods riding it is almost unbearable to chase my younger son around, I am in first or coasting with the clutch pulled in due to it stalling at less than 10mph. My goal is slower build up of power, or just make the delivery of it more linear over the throttle for the track. And for the woods just being able to lug around without it stalling out. I have read some success on making it more trail appropriate with a weighted flywheel and just saw a posting for getting a power tuner. Both of those cost money and wanted to get some guidance before I shell out some big $$. Please advise, thanks in advance.

Rollon throttle tube or similar

FYI, you posted this in the WR forum.

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