Lighting for yz

Hey guys going to put lights on my 2012 . I have done a search and know I have a few options is any one running or have any experience with the polisport hmx led. That seems about the most buget friendly option I don't want to spend a lot I just need a enough light too ride around the trails no 90 mph desert runs. Any input or recommendations would be great baja desighns has a few options they have a light called the SII m/c led race light that is about twice As much money as the polisport but I'm sure is much brighter. I'm not even 100 percent on the max watts I can pull from the stock set up on the bike. I know the polisport draws very little and the baja light is like 20 watts I think I can run either of those. I don't need a top of the line set up just enough to stay safe for a extended day on the the trails but if I'm goin to the effort of putting a light on I want enough light to feel comfortable. Thanks

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