Anyone going to Supercross tonight in San Diego

Anyone going to Supercross tonight in San Diego. I'll be there around 1 for BBQ and beer.

I'm going rain or shine!

I'll be there before showtime!!! :) Taking the train in, screw that parking lot for sold out events!!! Went a couple years ago, had to park on top of the hill on the north side of the stadium. No more!!! :D

My Thumper buddies & I are gonna be there. Should be a great time. Hopefully not too hard to find parking. :)

Was that an awesome race(250 main) or what? That was the best main that I have seen in the 5 events that I have been to. 16 laps of Reed on Windham's butt, then Reed broke away. I think they said it was going to be on ESPN 2 today, unknown time. If you werent there, check it out.

So, where were you sitting? I was Club Level Section C(3rd base line), I could see everything but the 2 back staights(1st base line?).

That was an awesome main event. Early on it looked like Reed was trying everything he could to get by Windham then either Reed got faster or Windham got a little tired. I was was bummed when Reed passed Windham but it was an awesome race.

I think I was sitting close to you, I was at club level C5. Man I can't believe the price for a beer, $7.25, I walked in w/ $70 and only have $21 left this morning and I did not buy anything to eat.

You were sitting close Dave, I was sitting Club Level C10. Did you get nailed by those paper airplanes, there were lots flying around. One of them came hauling @$$ at us flew between my mom and my girlfriend, and we were sitting under the balcony!!!

Reed is an awesome rider, I knew as soon as he passed Windham it was over, sure enough, he kept pulling on him. I like Reed, but was pulling for the Honda, although when Carmicheal gets back, im gonna stick with Reed.

Did anyone else go???

This was my 1st SX, and what a show! To see it in person was amazing. Absolutely worth it. I was suprised to see how many 4-strokes there are in competition now. I can't believe how fast the Pros ride, everywhere on the course!

10 bucks for parking, 12 bucks for a dog, soda & a snack. Not your best bargain. But the racing, Roncada, Tedesco, Reed & Windham were tearing it up!

I'll take this event over the freestyle airshows anyday. What did you guys think of the Suzuki Crossover race? Some of those non-mxers were pretty d_mn good on that expert track.

It was a great race, had a great time and got to meet some of the riders before the race. Cool bunch of guys. :) The race is supposed to be televised on ESPN 2 on Jan. 31, 10pm (eastern time).

Only bummer part about the race I learned this morning. One of the 125 racers, Jason Ciarletta from Riverside, crashed during qualifing, he died on the way to the hospital. :D Pray for his family, I'm sure he will be missed by many.

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