650L-600R fuel tank the same?

Does anyone know if the fuel tank for the 650L, and the 600R are the same? In the pictures they look the same. There are some real nice graphic packages for the 600, that is why I am asking, thanks.

I believe the xl requires a bigger tunnel, the 4.0 will fit but not the 4.7. double check with IMS or baja designs

They are different. Besides the tunnel size, the 650L tank mounts differently. It slides on rubber bumpers in the front and bolts on in the rear like many street bikes. The 600R tank bols on in the front and has a rubber strap in the rear. I welded on a special bracket so that I could mount an XR600 tank on a 650L. If you are looking for an oversized tank, just buy one for the 650L. I wanted to run a stock XR600 plastic tank, which is why I did the mod. Good luck.

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