going fast for a while

Hey there,

yeah, Its been a while since I posted, but I'm D/S-ing my WR so I can ride it more... so I'll be hanging out at TT once again. :)

So, my question...

Whenever I mention D/S-ing my '00 WR400 to any of the bike shops, they all give me word of caution. "Careful about running this bike at speed for any distance. ie: Like droning down the highway. It'll break on you."

Now, being a believer in my blue beast, I tend to think the bike shop guys don't have a clue what they're talking about and that I'd come to the folks that know ...that's you guys on TT.

After hearing stories of wide open desert racing and folks in California (and other states) fighting getting their licenses... This bike a has to be able to handle running at 70 - 80 mph for a while. But how long is 'a while'? It's 30 minutes to the mountain from my garage and I'd like to be able to ride out there. As well, I have some buds with KLR650's that go for weekend rides. I should be able to show them taillight for most of the way .. right?? I figure the WR is going to make a great D/S urban assault bike and any riding I put on it will eventually make it's way into my dirt riding skill set.

I searched the archives to see if there's been a problem with high speed droning but couldn't find anything. If this has been discussed before, please point me at the info :D To me, it seems a bit like these guys at my local shop might have had 1 machine crap out on them and that set the standard answer for all WR's. I'd love to prove them wrong. The BD D/S kit arrive on Monday. It's too bad it'll be -18C for a daily high. :D Oh well, it gives me some time to do a nice install job.

Thanks in advance for the help.

I am speaking from personal experience. Last fall I spent a week in the Glamis dunes. 116 degree heat, 7 days, as fast as my bike could go. I can't imagine any harder abuse. It worked great. I have engine ice, and a boysen water pump impeller.

I can't imagine having a problem on the freeway for extended periods of time.


Nah as long as you dont have it screamin flat out for miles on end it will lap it up,play with the gearing so you can cruise on the highway and still work it off road an it will be sound,14/48 should be ok(maybe the guy in the shop wants a blue beast so bad he wanted to scare you an send one of his mates round to buy it! :D)just stick a pillow under your a$$ an you should be good to go all day,numb bum is the biggest side effect of highway cruising! :)

Thanks for the responses! I kind of figured the salesguy didn't really know what he was talking about. I'll do the gearing change and that'll make it so I can put some miles on.

thanks again

'00 in Calgary

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