Were to put oil in

So there is the dipstick on the neck of the frame .and then the hole on the lower part of the engine were do I put oil in it after a oil change

So, since you didn't bother to say, I will read your mind.... Hmm, dark in here... Wait, I think I have something. This is an '03 -'05 model, correct?  Very well, then.  If I told you that you had to pour it into the dip stick hole, you'd probably be pretty unhappy, given that it's only about 8mm.


The oil drains from the frame AND the crankcase, and is refilled to the crankcase filler.  That means that there's no oil in the tank when you first start it, so there's no oil pressure until oil is pumped back to the tank and the feed pump can get hold of it (normally about 10-15 seconds)


Read: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/746100-first-4-strokehelp-please/#entry7615908

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