Two stolen YZ 426's

Please help me and my friends here in Spring TX. because they got their bikes stolen tue. night! One is just 5 or 6 weeks old! He hasn't even made a payment yet! It is stock except for a 53 or 54 rear sprocket, o-ring chain and hand gaurds. It has a chip out of the left side of the rear fender and the right hand gaurd was removed because of a missing wedge bolt. The other is a 2001 with blue/silver renthal bars, hand gaurds, fmf disc. system insert with 6 discs, missing mud flap, 53 or 54 rear, o ring chain. all stickers removed except shrouds and side plate backgrounds. Look around for anything suspicious please. Thanks in advance! Oh yeh, it has a short clutch lever also.

Your ridin' bud, Kurt( yz 250 )


Sorry to hear that. I hope you find your bikes, and the bastards who took them!


Kurt - I live in The Woodlands, not far from you. Where were the bikes stolen from? Did your buddies have insurance?

Sorry to hear about it.


Steve T

They should give the death penalty for dirt bike theives,..anyway good luck. :)

That does suck. Just an idea but most of the time it is someone closeby in the nieghborhood. Usually kids. Keep a close eye out in the next couple weeks in fields and the hills, they are more likely to mess around there than a track.

Also, when my buddy got his stolen, he put up signs around his neighborhood with a reward and some 15yr old kid turned his buddy in. I Hope they turn up...

Thanks for all your input guys. SKTHOM 2320: My friend lives on acreage a few miles west of I45 in spring. Yes he did have insurance. Allstate paid the claim thru the mail in 2or 3 days! I must admit that part suprised me, because I just assume big ins. companies would give flack on claims like these. We are shopping right now for used bikes. Anyone know of a yz/wr 400/426 for sale? Possibly a ktm 520 or 400? Let us know soon because you know what bike fever can do to a man with cash in his hand and no bike to ride!

Thanks again, your ridin' bud Kurt

Damn! that AGGRIVATES :) me just thinkin about it! I wish you Good Luck in your search.....

I have a 2000 for sale - about 8 hours on the bike - it is truly mint - no mods. All is original - even the back tire. It has never been down - original bars even.

My scanner is down - but if you're really interested I could mail to you pics.

$4300 - you would not be disappointed.


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