Need a little Help with 2014 WR 450

Trying to figure out the throttle stop screw to take out if anyone has pictures that would be great as I have tried to youtube it and google images and I'm not having any luck. Thank You!!

Someone must have a picture or a video?

I don't have a picture, but i took mine out pretty easily after taking off the header pipe to be able to get my hands under the throttle body to remove the safety torx type screw. Took a good 5min or so. 

Ok so it took me a little bit, But it takes a torques security Not a regular torques. Thank You!

I use some needle nose pliers. There wasn't any loctite so it came out easy, put the new one in with a small ratchet and the proper torx bit so space wasn't such an issue. Used some blue loctite and done.

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