Hi guys. having a small problem with my yzf 426. bought it the other day. had some one look at it today to be told its not a yzf but a wr thats been made to look like one as it had 5 gears unfortunately it was a stolen and recovered bike so a lot of the vin numbers have been scratched out. 


would any body be able to tell me if theres any truth in the yzf & wr thing as i have been told yamaha experimented with a 5 shift gear box on the 2003 yzf426 


If you could email me direct or on here it would be brilliant

First off, there was no '03 YZ426F.  The YZ426F was made from '00-'02.  (there never was ANY yzf426)  The WR426F was built only in '01-'02, the '00 model WR was a 400.  All YZF/WRF models up to '03 were 5 speeds, as were all later WR's.  The '03-'05 YZ450F was the 4 speed.


At the front of the cylinder, near the bottom right "corner", the engine displacement is cast into the barrel.  It will either be 399cc or 426cc.


The CDI unit of a YZ426 has a total of 12 wire leads in two 6-pin connectors, plus one additional ground on its own connector.  The WR CDI has one 6-pin connector with 6 leads in it, another one with 5, and two more 2-pin connectors with two leads apiece.


You might also look under the seat.  A YZ426 will have an air box without a cover on top.  The WR has a cover with two narrow snorkels coming off covering the filter.  You may also find a model ID sticker on the rear sub frame under the seat.

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