Think i blew my motor?

I just traded an 01 cr125 an 150 bucks all decked out for a decent 06 yz450f. Had it for 20 minutes riding down the road in 4th just putting and the back wheel locked up. I oulled over and there was coolant pissing out of the weep hole right under the water pump. It is hard now. I only got it started for a half a second after it happened and it shut off again. The kick start still kicks over but it seems harder to kick. Could the water pump have failed and the piston started to warp an it locked up for a few seconds? Or what could it be?

Yeah, something failed. Try pulling the plug and see if the kicking gets easier. Could be hydro-locked maybe??? Blown head gasket???

bet this guy didn't have you come over to his place to make the deal

bet this guy didn't have you come over to his place to make the deal

nope he drove 3 hours to me

im guessing based on that trade you got some basket case. the coollant out of the weep hole is a bad pump seal and is likely unrelated to your engine failing. to start I would check and make sure it has oil, check the oil filter to see if its clogged/there, then drain the coolant and see if there was any in it.


Those bikes were really good at seizing the camshaft to the head after the slightest bit of oil deprivation or mis-torqued cam caps. Your symptoms point to this. If its not bad you can send out the head to have the journals polished, or buy a $700 head. Let us know what you find.

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