twinair back fire air filter

just wanted to post a heads up on the new filter from twinair. if you haven't seen the previous post, twinair has added the wr to the list of bikes that have the new back fire (proof?) air filter. it's the same size as oem and will fit on you stock filter cage. it allows you to remove the backfire screen from the cage. some tuners claim the screens are a big problem when it comes to four stroke performance. like these things wont go fast enough!

now the heads up part. the screen in our wr's cage is molded in. it doesn't just pop right out. it's just under the surface of the plastic but in it none the less. expect to spend some time cleaning up all the little rough edges. if a small piece should break off it could cause a real problem. i used a small dremel like tool to grind all the wire out that i could. i'll report if it weakens the cage in anyway. we're about to get a pretty good cold snap here in st.louis, so it may be a bit before i ride again. :)

I thought about it and then I realized that my wr already stretches my arms when I wack the throttle. :) So I am sticking to the usual air box opening mods and regular twin air filter. :D

I do not knwo if they are the same or not but when I put that filter in my yz450f I purchased a yz250 air cage as the 2 strokes do not have the screen and the yz250 fits perfect in the yz450.


the wr filter is unique to that model. it's smaller. the air box has the battery mounted on top and that uses up some space. to be honest, i haven't held the two cages side by side to see if the cages are differant or just the filters. has anybody out there compared?

I would like to know also what cage will work on the 04 wr250. I have the backfire filter for my soon to be delivered 04 wr250 but I dont know what to do about the cage. I aint buying that aluminum monster that twin air sells. I dont really want to cut the screen outta the stock cage. What else is there.

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