Broken steering stop

Had a pretty bad get off a couple weeks ago. Bent my subframe but was able to straighten it out. One thing I noticed today is that my steering stop is bunged up and the aluminum piece on the lower triple clamp (name?) where the steering stop makes contact has busted clean off. In other words I have no steering stop for right hand turns. It literally sheared off the little aluminum piece where the steering stop on the head makes contact. Has anyone sucessfully repaired one of these or am I gonna have to buy a whole new lower triple clamp thingy? I'm having trouble finding a part number for this piece too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Did same to my '79 YZ125 over 20 years ago. What I did was machine a piece of alu the same size as stopper and countersunk it to take a 5/16"-18 allen bolt. I threaded the triple clamp and bolted it right on. As for the frame I has to build it back up with a small scrap, then welded in place. I managed to do a super clean job and the end result was as new. Contact a local machine shop. I am sure someone can do it way cheaper than buying a new triple clamp. Good luck.

I have seen a spot weld will add the material, then file into correct angle. This worked on my x-wifes XR200, when she endo'ed & sheared the stop off. You can repaint with Touch-up - no one will ever know....

Did the same on my 98 YZ 400, actually the guy I bought it from did it. He replaced it with the Scotts 5mm offset kit, upper and lower. It was expensive, but so is the stock lower. Here is the part number and list price for the OEM part.

5DJ-23340-L0-00 UNDER BRACKET COMP. $302.88

From Scotts with stock offset.

YZ400 1998 - 1999 (lower triple clamp only)$169.00

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