Anti Stiction Coating on 2004

I noticed that one of the FEATURES for the WR in 2004 is this anti-stiction coating on the OUTSIDE of the frontfork. I thought it would come on the fork legs not the OUTSIDE of the forks upper holders (looks nice but) what is the function of this other than just MKTG? By the way the forks on my bike with 7 kms now feels quite STICKY, I realesed the wheel bolts and compressed the fork a couple of times before tightning again, but it contimues to feel not very smooth. Is this NORMAL for a new bike????

You might be pumping up with air. release the air from the forks at the top caps. The new coating is for the internal fork friction reduction along the sliders and seals. :)

Does anyone realy changes his fork oil after brake in???

Does anyone realy changes his fork oil after brake in???

I don't... My fork oil just slips through the seals.. :)

Does anyone realy changes his fork oil after brake in???

I did. :)

I changed mine after a 1000Km

I also change it every six months thereafter

the anti-stiction coating is on the skinny tubes, on the outside. So, that IS the surface that rides along the fork seals.

New forks WILL have seal sticktion*

* that REALLY a word...??? :D

Your seals do have to break in.

It is a good idea to change your fork oil, that with a total breakdown(1) of your forks to clean out any debris from "fork break-in".

I have never done this until I have completed 4 full race days, along w/ any practice rides in between. Call me lazy...or as I like to think..."BUSY!!" :)

(1) you do NOT have to pull the seals for this. Just remove the Base valve and pull the springs. This will allow you to do a very good internal cleaning of your forks. You WILL need an impact wrench (pneumatic or electric) or a cartridge rod holding tool, a 14mm(?) allen socket for your base valve and a 14mm(?) wrench to hold the internal of the fork leg, while you spin off the fork cap to pull the spring.

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