Please help an "OLD FART"

I have a new 2003 XR650R. I would like to convert the front suspension to upside-down forks. I need help with any information concerning application. Will a CR500 or CRF450 Fork assembly work? If so, what will I need in the way of modifications, if any? All help would be greatly appreciated. :)

If I was going to do that, (and I would like to),

I would purchase the entire front end,(triple trees to rim), retro fit the BRP stem,

and fit springs for the correct sag.

I have seen in the past where it has been debated

that the 650R frame needs the flex of the conventional fork to survive.

I don't buy that.

I bolted a set of Ohlins up to my bike and it wasn't too bad. I used CRF450 aftermarket triple clamps but had to modify the stops on the lower clamp with a grinder so it would work with the XR frame. The top clamp required a little grinder action to so it would work with the stock steering stem. The clamp is a little bit too tall to be able to get full engagement of the nut. Also had to relace my wheel with a 450 hub/rotor since the axle is a bigger diameter than the XR. I was able to retain my stock front caliper and brake line. I had to fab up my own wheel spacers to get the wheel centered but if you use forks from a 450 the stock spacer should work. I have about 600 miles of dual sporting on the conversion so far and I am extremely pleased with how it performs. Only time and miles will tell how its going to hold up. My personal opinion is that the 650's frame is more than strong enough to handle the USD forks.

Thank you for taking the time to explain your project. :)

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