What about my riding in sand tips? I thought you were gonna give me some expert tricks of the sandrider. :)

Mike, Im not an expert sand rider but I can give you my .02 on riding in the sand.

I think that the most important thing to do is to keep the bike moving to stay on top of the sand, a paddle tire isnt a must, but its nice. When you drop into a bowl be VERY careful the sand could be really loose and deep which will cause you to go over the bars. I have always regarded sand as the worst enemy for motorcycles, the sand gets everywhere. I would run a Filterskin over your filter to block any excess sand from getting in your scoot. And when your done make sure to tear down your bike and clean it like you've never cleaned it before. I've had some of the best times riding in the sand but I personaly would never ride my new bike in the sand, I would much rather have a beater KX500 with a paddle tire for those trips...


Mike, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. But starting a thread like this is better anyway. Do you mean desert riding or sand dunes. I have quite a bit of experience in the desert but none riding sand dunes such as Glamis or other place where a paddle is used. One of my sons does that and he really likes it. But that is not my cup of tea except to watch those darn fools. :)

Sand is sand, isn't it? Ya know, the really soft stuff, light in color? Makes ya all squirley?

Actually I meant dunes. I used to go to Pismo Beach alot as a youngster, almost always I had enough time to put on the paddle tire but their were times when we went at a momments notice and didnt have time to change tires. A good knobby is good enough, in no way is it better that a paddle but on my CR250 but I had just as much fun, you just have to keep moving. :)

Mike, man I would really like to respond to this, but not quite sure what you are looking for? Are you talking about sand dunes or desert riding where sand is involved? By tricks, do you mean spinning donuts while sitting side saddle? :)

I don't have desert or dunes here in NH. occasionally I come across a large sand pit.

I can ride them, but it's not always pretty.

Going down long sandy hills are tough. Maybe I am beyond help. Riding in the sand helps make me a better rider. Thats why I ride the sand once and a while.

Mike, sand is always squirly. It is kind of like riding out of control in a controlled way. I think it is the same for everyone. The more you ride in it the more comfort level you develop and you sort of get used to the floating sensation of your bike underneath you. Don't get down on yourself about it. I grew up riding in the desert so got used to it. It sounds like you have the same kind of problem I have. You guys that ride the tight wooded single track stuff probably don't think too much about it. But, for me its spooky flying down a trail where the trees are sometimes only a few inches on either side of the bars. Over the years I have had some exposure to that but not consistent enough to get really comfortable with it. Kinda like you with the sand. Now that is almost exclusively the kind of riding i'm doing so am learning. I think to be an all around good rider you need to ride a lot of different places. That seems to be happening more for me now than before. Even where I live and ride there are a variety of places that have unique differences. The reason I kept asking about dunes vs. desert is because in the desert you can be is really soft sand in one place, hard pack in another, and a rock garden in yet another. Sand washes can be really challenging. Because not only can it be hard to keep your momentum up but you might be dodging boulders in the process. Just practice man. Thats all it is . I have to tell you, i am really home sick to ride in the desert. It used to be a special treat for me and my kids when about twice a season we would go up to the mountains and camp out and ride there. But I haven't ridden in the desert now for probably 7 or 8 years. I only started riding again this past year after that long a layoff. This next fall I will definately be heading out that direction. That was the main reason why I got the WR because I new it would be awsome out there. Sorry for the ramble. P

Thanks for the input. Sounds like you had a good ride this past weekend. Didn't see much sand in the pics. Let me know when you are ready for some trails. I'll take a trip out west one of these days.

Mike, why don't we plan a trip to Moab in the fall? I have never riden there and it sounds awesome. You are right there wasn't much sand on our ride last week end. But, we did go down some pretty steep stuff in that soft loamy soil while dodging tree and branches. I got a nasty bruise on my left arm from something. I was too busy sweating bullets at the time to notice from what though! :) It was a good ride/workout and a great bunch of guys to ride with. Don't let anybody know that I told you this but, that KTM that Mike from Roseville was riding was pretty cool! And, quiet too!

Sounds great, but moab will have to wait untill next year for me. I would love to do it.

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