2004, WR450f backfires & sputters

Ya the signal light is far from a good spot. But I never really expected this much black stuff. It's weird, cause there is no visible smoke from exhaust. In gonna play with fuel screw maybe tomorrow if I get a chance

I have the 04 and the tps is definitly the culprit.  The wr motor is not meant to be held at a constant throttle and the tps is doing part of its job, mine sputers and backfires with it plugged in and  doesn't with it unplugged( although getting it to idle properly without the tps is a bitch). I also have stock jetting with the p shooter taken out that's it.  I feel no need to rejet for performance bike starts and runs perfectly when warmed up and power wheelies in the first three gears.  I'd only rejet in the hopes of getting my bike to run a little cooler. 

That's good too here! Mine starts mint hot or cold, wheelies 1st 3 gears easy, idles no prob. Just the black soot is the prob really

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