2012 WR450 redline

Does anyone out there know the official redline or maximum rpm for the WR450 2012?

I heard all sorts from 10000 to 11000, personally I consider that a little high for a single, so any info would be greatly received and appreciated.


Redline is about 2,500 rpm above the peak of the power

WOW 11,500 !! seems bloody high to me, but thank you for the info.

Yamaha's old 250f was 13,500!!! I'm not sure if the new one is higher or not. Yes, these modern engines spin some serious RPM's!!!

Yeah redline and peak horsepower are two different things. The Yamaha's seem to hold there horsepower pretty good even after they peak. However mostly there is no reason to leave it that high, unless your on a monster hill climb or a track.

Not sure whats going on with my WR left it in 4th and could only reach 9000 rpm. Just wont go any more. Feels to me its holding back but at a standstill will hit the rev limiter. It has been uncorked and does go like a bloody rocket so is the Vapour inaccurate?

Any ideas greatly recieved.

Why the hell are you hitting the rev limiter?

Don't you like the valves in the inside of the motor?


You should google 'valve float' and then see if you can bring your self to sit there and hit the rev limiter again......


Sounds like you don't have the sensor wire wraped tight enough

I'm not sure of the redline.


I can tell you my 2014 wr450 seems quite happy when I'm 'flogging' the guts out of it.  I'm a previous low end torquer, so anything about 1/2 throttle seems high.

Yes I know hitting the rev limiter is a bit extreme but I had to see if it would complete the full rev range. It just feels to me like it's holding back when out on the road. The igniter sensor wire has been soldered the directly to the pulse generator so shouldn't be an issue, but thanks for the input.

It'll rev plenty. For some reason I thought the limiter was 12.5K on the 2012 WR. I hit the limiter sometimes but never intentionally. I find the tuned/derestricted otherwise bone stock motor absolutely superb. I'm extremely happy with it. Like Nuklhed my WR never complains.

I hit it once when I missed a shift.  I don't shift anywhere near redline.  Maybe if I had YZ cams.

Why hit the rev limiter? That's just asking for trouble $$$? Most guys would shit their pants riding on the limiter on the trails. In a straight line on an open road would be less scary.

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