First time Racing again>>>>

Last two weekends been racing for the first time w/o my good bud and closest competitor Mark Anderson. I must admit it's been different not see ol #33 behind the gate with me, but in a sense I feel like he's still there and I talk to him before the gate drops.

The AZOTMX gang joined the AMX gang at Octillo for some fun in the sun. Track was in great shape and we practiced on Sat, camped and moto'd Sun. Good thing as I have only been there a couple of times and there are some tricky doubles I needed to do. Turned out they were pretty easy to do after all and you could really fly outa death pit.

Had a good day and went wire to wire in the Master class being pushed by Howard Dendy all day. Sluggo (that's what he signs up as! LOL) is an ol bud of mine who is getting back into racing and it's good to see him again. As we came off the track

and shook hands he commented he never been roosted so hard and his bloodied lip confirmed this.

In the AMX 40 Int class had a 2-1 day for the O/A and had some good battles.

Yesterday we joined the COP gang at Canyon for another great day for racing. The morning had a nip in the air as it got "down to" 50deg!!! Brrrrrrr

Yesterday was one of those days with high expectations and things going wrong... LOL

My first OT Moto I did not even have my goggles on or my bike started when the dropped the freaken GATE!!! Here I am frantically waving as did others on the left but Zach (track owner) did not see me and turned the card sideways!! In fact by then I panicked, flooded the bike and the second gate started too!! Sure did make for some interesting passing theough as I worked my way through the field but could only muster a 3rd. 2nd moto with my bike started I redeemed myself with a wire to wire win, as I did in the 30+ Int 1st moto.

But during that 3rd moto my bike started making some funny noises, clunk (last week the final lap it was stuck in 4th gear, I thought it might have caught a rock or mud?).

I did not feel safe riding it but managed to finish the moto. Rode my buddy Jimco's bike for my 4th and final moto and spun on the gate and basically got smoked for a 4th, Surprisingly I took home some brass (ok it's cheap plastic) with a 2nd O/A.

After the races I let my friends hear the noises, it sounds like the clutch is rubbing the cover, I just hope that's all it is..

After my Reddi Services job had a layoff and now I'm outa work it couldn't have happened at a worst time!! :)

Whew that took longer then I thought I gotta go tear my bike apart!!!!!

Sounds like a good couple of races!

Looking forward to seeing you at the track soon. Bummer about the noises in the bike, hopefully it is something simple.

If you are up and running, I will be at SW on Sunday with some other friends.

Dave S


Hey G, sounds like you haven't missed a step while you have been away.

I know the feeling about not being set for the gate drop, don't know if you remember but I had that happen to me at our OT international last year. Got to the start a little late w/o my googles on, as soon as I got to the gate it dropped so I took off eating roost all the way down the start straight. Had to stop after the first turn to put my goggles on. Caught back up to 3rd and got brake checked on the last lap and fell over to finish 8th. Not my best moto that's for sure!

Hope the bike problem is minor...

Glad to see that you're back G! We need to have an AZ TT re-union at one of the local tracks. I'll be at Speedworld on Sunday after SX. I just know I'll be itchin to ride. Later.....Tom

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Hey gary,

Glad to hear you're back roosting.

I ran into a 426 that broke the clutch hub. The bike was makign a hell of a noise from right under the clutch cover. One of the fingers on the basket broke off. The clearance between the clutch and the side cover is so tight, the broken piece couldn't fall out and just spun as the motor was running. This was one of the 1st 426's out and Yamaha acknowledged their basket issues. Removing the clutch cover may reveal a lot.

Welcome back.


Glad to see that your are on the bike and track again. Sounds like you did well and had a good time. Keep your wits about you and have as much fun as possible.

Are you AZ guys gonna be at the LA National at LACR?? I would like to meet you AZ guys and be able to put names with faces!!


Dave S

Nice to hear from you, I hope the bike is simple I'm tearing into as soon as I get off my roommates computer. My buds are going to SpeedWorld on Friday, I hope I will be ready.

RacerX, "Got to the start a little late w/o my googles on, as soon as I got to the gate it dropped so I took off eating roost all the way down the start straight."

I remember giving you **** bout the casual approach, looks like you rubbed off on me. I wish I was eating roost down the straight, by the time I got going they had half a lap on me!!! LOL


"AZ TT re-union at one of the local tracks."

Sounds good, need to get the bike fixed, I will keep you posted.

MX Tuner,

Thanks for the tips Mark, I will know soon. But what confuses me is why my bike stuck in gear the previous week, then shifted fine for two practce sessions and two motos, not sure if it's related....


"Keep your wits about you and have as much fun as possible."

Yes this is some good advice as I know first hand of what can happen out there. When is the race, not sure if I'm gonna make it as I just got laid off a couple weeks ago. My luck seems to be running on the bad side lately.


I got 5 bucks that says the steel insert in the inner hub came loose. Mine did, the entire clutch pack was rubbing the case. Good luck, hearing about your race makes me crazy, Ortho is talking like surgery to fix my collar bone, sounds like im gonna be out for 12-15 weeks total.

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