Injectioneering ?

Hey guys I'm really wanting to send my throttle body out to smooth out the initial throttle response but if you have looked into this company I'm sure you have seen the good and bad reviews they seem kind of old and I try not too judge on other people experience but it still makes me a little nervous. Any body want to throw in there 2 cents or experience with the company and owner. If I have a good experience i will saying nothing but positive just want do my research before I go for it. I'm sure a lot of company's get bad press and don't deserve it after all its tough to please every body. Thanks

Had my throttle body from a 2010 done last year by Injectioneering. Best mod I have done to get rid of the throttle issue. Dealing with Wade at Injectioneering was no problem at all, as he explained the modification to me, and also called me when it was done. I think it is a no-brainer to deal with them, although there were posts in the past about issues, I had no issues at all. Great mod, great service.

It looked like the service got to be unexpectedly popular early on, and the company was a bit overwhelmed by the demand.  They seem to have streamlined things a bit, judging by the more recent feedback I see.

Thanks guys. That is what I wanted to hear. I am going to go for it in a few weeks I will let you know how I like it when it's done.

Wade modified my throttle body last year for my 2012. I shipped it out to him and since I was in California shortly after that, I stopped by his place and picked it up. Wade was very gracious with his time in showing me his facility and the mods he did on my throttle body. I recommend him and his service.

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