Is My Clutch Going Out

2001 YZ426 , I just noticed that the bike will not roll, when in gear, holding the clutch in, when not running. The clutch appears to be working properly when running / riding? Your input would be appreciated.

That is normal (up to a point).

Clutches don't really separate the plates well unless the engine is running.

It wasn't like that before?

You may have a slightly notched hub or basket or both. My sons YZ85 does this and there are visible wear marks in the hub and basket (Time for replacement...). The plates want to stay seated even when you pull clutch unless there is a significant load and then they move apart out of the notches.

The clutch is simply showing its age.  There are all kinds of factors that contribute to the clutch failing to release completely.  A notched basket is only one thing that can aggravate the condition.  Notching of the boss ("hub"), uneven clutch spring height, adjustment, and sometimes even less than completely compatible oil can do it, but the single biggest thing is the plates aren't flat anymore, simple as that. 


To be fair, you have to understand that normal for that clutch is that it will be noticeably more difficult to push the bike in gear with the clutch disengaged than it is with the bike in neutral; that it will spin the wheel on the stand with the clutch disengaged pretty much as if you didn't pull the lever; that it will be more difficult to start the bike in gear than in neutral; and that it will drag at idle just enough to make it obviously more difficult to find neutral with the engine running.  If you can hold the bike at idle without the brake, and usually find neutral at a standstill and an idle, the clutch is working serviceably well, assuming it doesn't slip, or some such.


Work an OEM clutch plate set into the budget over the next little while.  Doesn't sound like there's a need to hurry.

Thanks for the replies. I'll start budgeting for the clutch.

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