Yzf 426 transmission

Hey guys, first post on here.

I'm rebuilding a 2001 Yz 426 f motor on a budget, I've split the casings and have found a tooth missing on 4th gear. I want to know if I could get away with using the same transmission or will it mess the engine up again in the near future? All the other teeth look good so I'm just wondering what your opinions are.

Thanks in advance, Matt.

With anything used, using it longer is a crap shoot. Reusing parts of an assembly that was damaged makes the odds worse, but it's not necessarily "dangerous" to do so. You just have to be reasonably critical.

If you can, it's a good idea to try to figure out why it broke. That's not always possible, but when it is, it helps in choosing the best repair route.

The other half of the 4th gear pair will have to be discarded, as well as the gear that slides up against it to lock it in, and the associated shift fork. Beyond that, look for significant rounding/chipping in or on the slots and lugs on the gear sides, worn/scored shafts, that sort of thing.

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