Aprox. Life of a YZ400F......?

What's the aprox. life of a 4-stroke bike like the 400F or 426F with periodically maintenance assuming that the bike is only rided once or twice a week for aprox. 5-7 hours.......? :)

I'm sure that "how" it is ridden will be a major factor. An engine which sees 5-7 weekly hours of easy trail riding or MX riding by a beginner is going to outlast an engine which sees 5-7 weekly hard moto hours.

Were you trying to compare to some other particular bike?

I'm not trying to compare the Blue Monster Family of bikes with other ones, I just wanna know how many time do I expect my monster to live....! Trail riding 5-7 hours a week ! Oil change every two rides or 10 hours ! And all the periodically maintainance ! :)

I have been wondering this too. I have a '98 and have had no major problems. I ride it about once a week, trails and h.s. What can I expect to break first. I have been very pleasantly surprised with just how dependable it is.

Just keep up the minor maintenence;

Oil change frequently.

Clean air filter ever ride.

Clean oil filter every three oil changes.

Value check, every 12 months.

The bike should last a long time.

I have a 99-400, still on my original spark plug.

Just keep moto-in. :)

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