Is there a larger throttle tube for the WR?

Is there a larger throttle tube for the WR(426)? My sport bike years you could easily get wide open throttle faster and not have your elbow pointed straight at the ground by going to a larger throttle tube. Less effort on your wrist to get wide open throttle(W.O.T.).


Any knowledge on this?

G2 throttle tube replacement

Not sure if the 426 and the WR 450 tubes are the same.


Someone just gave me a I think it's a R6 throttle tube, it is slightly larger and fit the housing to make a shorter twist of the throttle. I am trying it on the supermoto bike.

Yea, I used a Yamaha R1 2005-07 1/6th tube on my Honda CBR. Made a huge difference in riding. 

That is an awesome write-up. I must try it.

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