Miles Per Gallon

My riding partner and I have just bought our bikes (WR-400 & YZ-426). Both bikes still have the stock jetting, exhaust and gearing. We are in the process of getting our equipment and bikes ready for a spring ride that will take us across the intire state or Oregon on what is called "Oregon Back Country Discovery Route". My question is, what kind of milage can we expect for each bike?

Dont count on much out of the YZ, those things suck gas.


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I have been racing my YZ in hare scrambles and one tank full will go about 41 miles for me. Don't know if that will help or hard you are riding, but that is with being a little bigger on jetting also. :)

Hey K.C.

Is the YZ your racing have the stock tank or the desert tank?


First thing you should do is go down to Mulino and pick up one of those Clarke mfg 3.3 tanks! :)

I have one on my 99'400 and have calculated 110miles at race pace in "some sand" incl whoops/tight woods and flat out DEZ.

That is running 182main w/white Bro E-series 14discs/tapered header at 4200-5200ft. You should get at least 120 or more if you stay out of the sand and jet around 165.......?imho :D


The Clarke is a great product and 50bucks cheaper than the IMS! :D

YOu can put dual petcocks on it to ensure getting all the fuel out or just tip it to the left a little!

Do you need to be "street legal" to do that ride??? CliforniA sucks.

My Brother gets 120 miles on his 400f w/ 3.3 gal. tank in Baja. Wide open but lots of fifth?

Originally posted by THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER:


First thing you should do is go down to Mulino and pick up one of those Clarke mfg 3.3 tanks!

Does your clarke tank rub up against the shock compression adjuster knob?

Im getting about 38-40 miles on my stock 02 426 tank desert riding. :)


mine does not but my friend w/00wr does a little.

We just put a piee of stickysided neopryme to the right side to mov e the tank over slightly and cured the prob.

I suppose u could use anything to slightly alter the pos of the tank . ei duct tape/foam

Gotta love that duct tape! :)

That was on my stock tank that I was getting 41 miles per tank full. I just put a Clark 3.3 tank on this week. But I have not been riding with it yet. As someone said earlier my new tank was also hitting the shock adjuster. I took and cut a piece of 5/8" heater hose and laid it flat on the back tank rubber and now it clear fine. :)

To All You "Thumper Talk" Dudes

Thanks for all the info. My riding partner and I will take all our new-found tech information and apply it to our bikes.

Hey Big Devo... Part of the ride we are going on is on the hi-way and we should be street legal. But we are going to try to do the ride with out off road bikes.

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