Need advice.....slight weep!!

Just went to change my oil last night and noticed a slight weep out of my telltale hole on my water pump.

I was wondering if any one else has had this happen?and if I should worry about it to much ... because I wanted to go for a rip today and then get the parts this week and fix it before next weekend :):D

thanks in advance

Todd :D

Mine's doing the same thing right now. I just noticed it yesterday but we went riding today because the leak is so small. We rode 120 miles today, much of it at warp speed and I checked my coolant level at the end of the day. The radiator was still completely full. Yours probably would be too, if it's like mine. Right now it only seems to weep when it first starts up, then it's dry. I'm sure it will get worse if I let it go too long.

I'm planning to fix mine this week. I've done this before and learned that you might as well change the impeller shaft if it's at all scored. I just changed the seals the first time and it continued to leak. So I had to open it up again and put in a new impeller shaft. That fixed it. I'm planning to change both seals and the impeller shaft all at the same time this time.

This is a very common problem for the Yamaha four strokes. Behind the water impellar are a water seal and an oil seal between them is the weep hole. Coolant leak means you need to change the water seal. This seal gets no lubrication and wears out quickly. It can also cut a grove into the impellar shaft so that a new seal wont work. To do it right you need to spend $50.00 for both seals, impellar shaft and right side engine case gasket. Get all the parts and change the outer seal if that is all that looks bad. keep the parts and order a new seal because you will be doing this once a year with heavy riding. Make sure you use lithium marine grease to reinstall. I have heard of guys shooting lube up into the weep hole but if you put a grease zirk on it you can over grease and blow the seals you are trying to protect. :)

Do you think spraying some teflon lube in there once in a while would prolong the life of the seal?

I wouldn't put anything in there or the coolant may be pushed past the crankcase seal and into the oil.

Coolant in the oil will bugger up your clutch fibers and cause accellerated engine wear. :)

Make sure the impellar shaft is not scored- replace if necessary, put in the new seal(s) and gasket and MAKE SURE you lube the seal lips well -otherwise you'll burn up your new seal the fist time you start her up.

Always make sure new seal lips are well lubed or the seal lips will get hot and burn themselves up within the first 10 min. running, :D

One nice thing about the design of the water pump on these bikes is that there is an air gap between the two seals. I think it would be nearly impossible for coolant to get into the oil at that point because of the air gap. The coolant wouldn't have any pressure in which it could force itself into the oil seal. But it's still a good idea to fix it because you don't want to have total coolant seal failure and lose all the coolant out on the trail. And it makes a mess in the garage.

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