'12+ WR450 FI Setting .vs CO Gas Sniffer Readings: Data Request

If you have access to '12+ WR450 CO FI Setting (obtained by using the FI "diagnostic" tool) .vs CO Gas "Sniffer" readings data, please post it up.


I'm looking for this type of data:

(These are *BOGUS* Data here, just being an example)

FI Setting    CO Reading

3                 3%

5                 5%




You should probably include some info about any changes (from "OEM" standard) about the motor, exhaust, and / or intake systems that are on the cycle being tested.


Sadly, I have none to offer. I do not have access to a gas sniffer.


I am able to offer the use of a diagnostic tool to someone who *does* have access to a gas sniffer, no charge, if they were willing to post up their findings here. Say, in increments of 1, from -5 to +15 (to +20?) on the FI diagnostic tool setting, and give the result in CO%.

From vlxjim (quoted from another thread):


20 ... was around 5.3 % or so. At 15 we were 3.7 with a 3 in the lower left bottom of the map.

Our dealership has the diagnostic tool and an EGA. As soon as I install my new pipe I'll post some data from my 2013 WR450F.

2013 - GYTR ECU, Snorkel removed, cean air filter, fresh fuel, fresh oil, Dr D slip-on (new last night). Bike was at operating temperature, ambient temp 75.

CO setting = 0    EGA reading was 2.47

Moved FI setting to 7 and EGA now reads 4.22

I'm going to run with this for a while and see what happens. I've never had hard start issues hot or cold until I switched my pipe (I had a cold start issue). Didn't need a pipe and really liked the stocker with the GYTR insert, but who really NEEDS half the stuff we bolt on or bikes? Lol     I'm a sucker for a good deal!

Thats different. I would think that the dealer use the Yamaha FI tool. I do remember that some of the Yamaha FI tools worked differently. On a new ECU some would showed minus numbers to start with. So we should state if the FI tool was the Yamaha part number or the China one. I use the china one.

Being an electrical engineer, and a computer scientist, and work to program sophisticated embedded systems processors every day, for decades, I feel qualified to opine on this difference.


I believe each of these diagnostic tools (yam or china) are merely communications devices linked to a CAN bus and operate as command / status devices.


If I command either tool to "bump an index in an embedded systems lookup table, by one index", the result in the embedded system will be the same using either tool.


I think you get the same result whichever tool is used.

That's way over my head, but it sure makes sense. Lol.

I used the Yamaha tool that was autoshipped from the factory along with the switched harness that was made for the plug on the WR AND a very high-end EGA. Of course it was the easy button for me since it's all at the dealership that I work for.

Btw, I paid $40 for the use of the equipment, my technicians time, and misc. supplies. 

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