Tips and Mods for Carburetor and Air Box XR650-L?

The carburetor on my Japanese-market-only XR250 is similar to the one on the newer XR650-L. That's why I'm posting here. Tuesday a friend and I want to open up the carb for cleaning as possibly rejetting.

Q1: When you guys put in the UNI filter, as you recommended me last week, do you rejet? If you do, what jetting changes (and other) do you make, at what altitudes? (Please, tell me also the stock jetting for the XR650-L so I can compare.)

Q2: Is there an elegant way of changing the jets, without taking the whole thing apart? What do you unscrew, from where do you access the carb (top, left, right?), what else do you have to take off to do that? Any other tips or mods? I have no handbook -- I couldn't read the Japanese characters anyhow...! Thanks.

JungleRider ('96 XR250-Baja)

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