2005 YZ450F water leak

I bought a new/old stock 2005 YZ450F a little over a year ago. 

Thinking I got a great deal on a never started bike I had high hopes of just riding. Holy hell was I wrong. After first ride, new fork seals, all new fuel line, float jet, spark plug, and everything rubber you can imagine.

JD jet kit
#170 main
RED needle 4th clip down
45 pilot Jet
STILL can't get the dang thing to run worth a flip at idle and blip the throttle at idle and she dies. 30,000 kicks later and MAYBE it'll start. 

GAWD I hate this bike!


But now a new headache. Dripping water like a leaky faucet from this hole (see below)

Shop manual tells me nothing about this hole and whether it has a plug or screw. Can anyone here verify?




Edited by CasterTroy

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