2011 Intermittent Miss/Bog/Sputter/Something else

Problem solved!  Here's what I did:


1. Replaced the accelerator pump spring.  It sounds like I overpaid, but this one is a nice shiny red color.  You can't beat that for $20.

2. Swapped out the needle for NCVS.  Clip 4th from top.

3. Dropped the main jet to 162

4. Bumped the leak jet to 50 

5. And even put a nice shiny tire on the rear


A couple of laps and she was popping on decel.  I swapped out the 162 main for a 168.  Oh baby, she started purring like I always knew she could.


I opened the fuel screw another half turn for a total of 2.5 turns.  Bumped the idle a couple of notches, and that poor rear tire didn't know what it was in for.  No more bog/sputter/whatever under load.  And no more off-idle bog when quickly opening the throttle!


Thanks for the patience and many suggestions, it feels great to have her running like the beast I knew she could be!

As Krannie talked about. Get a feel for the mid, he went to the 2nd clip on the needle at Cali elevations and I'm at third and even higher. My mid is good, but I think it could be better. Im going to try second clip and you might want to consider 3rd. I'm glad you got it running by good.

My head/piston/cam/pipe/ignition are not stock, so I won't make a very good ruler to measure against...............

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