2000 WR400F wouldnt kick start, now dies almost immediately after i bump start it.

I bought the bike beginning of summer, rode perfect for about 2 weeks. I could kick start it 1st or second kick cold every morning.
It started to become &%$#@!ing impossible to kick start in the mornings on my way to work, so id bump start it down my hill i live on, and it started warm 1st kick every time.
Recently (the past three days ive tried using it) itll bump start then immediately die.
I have good spark when i kick it, so i ASSUME the magneto isnt the issue...
Since the bike is no longer running (and pretty torn down) i cant take any VDC tests only ohms.

I havent done much yet because i really just dont know where to start but heres what i know

the regulator is measuring 23.57 M ohms 
the pick up coil resistance of the CDI is  755 K ohms (it says it should read 248-372 at 68 degrees. its 90 degrees where im at, but that still seems waaaaay too high, could this be the problem?)
source coil #1 i cant seem to get a consistent reading (also seems problematic)
coil #2 is reading about 11 M ohms (opposed to the 464-696 the books says)

It seems to me that my CDI unit is bad, but i dont know if that would simulate the problem im having or if thats a different issue.

can anybody shed any light on the situation for me?

Your stator is fried

Replace it

How are you sure?
is there a way i can test it before hand? 
i dont wanna buy a part without being able to confirm its bad some way...

thank you for responding 

the reason im uncertain about the diagnosis is because my battery is holding a charge.
i would imagine that if my stator was indeed bad it would drain the battery before dying correct?

the reason im uncertain about the diagnosis is because my battery is holding a charge.

i would imagine that if my stator was indeed bad it would drain the battery before dying correct?

If your stator measurements are out, as you mentioned, then at least once coil of the stator is bad

i tested it from the CDI unit side, i thought thats how i was supposed to test it according to the book... 
i didnt check the other side which is attached to the stator because i dont have any specs as to what it should read.

hypothetically, if my stator was bad, wouldnt it drain my battery? 

thanks again for your help

sorry i didnt realize that i left out the fact that my battery is indeed fully charged, even tho it dies after start up.


Your stator has an ac side and a dc side

The AC side runs the motor

The DC side runs the charging system

If you can't start the motor, it's either spark, compression, or fuel air mixture

Since the fuel air mixture can't change on it's own (unless the  carb gets dirt in it) that leaves the areas prone to wear: compression (leaking valves) or  spark (bad stator/plug/plug wire)

Ohhhh! That explains why im getting spark initially also.
Based off my readings would you think that my bikes CDI unit would also be bad as well?
My bike back fired some times in lower gears around town.  I read in the trouble shooting section of the Clymer manual it said that is also a symptom of a bad CDI unit, so that along with the Ohm readings i got makes me think they're both shot..

2000 400f don't have batteries so this must be after market add on and should only affect lights. As mentioned above, your stator runs your ignition etc. not your battery.

Your values for the stator are way off, sounds like it is bad. We stock the OEM stator for this bike for $275

Yes the battery is aftermarket, im converting it to a supermoto, but im realizing quickly why its more common to turn the 450s into super moto instead lol
Thank you so much for all your help, i really love this bike, and im gonna find a CDI unit and stator and let you guys know how it goes after installation.

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