Hard to find neutral, '08 450

I am having a hard time finding neutral on my '08 450, when it is running. With the engine off it is no problem. No problems catching gears while riding.

I did a search and found a few threads with similar problems but didn't see a whole lot for answers.

Any thoughts?



The clutch isn't releasing completely enough when you disengage it.  It's called clutch drag.  It could be nothing more than you have too much free travel in the clutch cable, but most often, it's the plates that aren't flat enough any more causing that.  I recommend a new set of OEM plates.


Also look for a badly notched clutch basket or boss along the areas where the plates contact them, and for springs that are uneven lengths. 

Ok I'll look into it when I check the valves next week.

Is this something that could cause more damage of it isn't fixed? Or just wear and tear on the clutch?

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