Yz 450 f

I just bought a 14 yz450f and broke my foot. I have fmf 4.1 titanium. Should I go for header pipe to.


please I know it's funny maybe you need rider lessons this is the first time I 25 years a bike bit me.

I'd say the bike already has plenty of power for you unless you just want the FMF header.

I can ride very good it was a freak thing with that foot. I'm an old open class a rider.

Lol... I wasn't saying you're not a fast rider. I'm just saying unless you're a pro rider horsepower on a 450 isn't going to limit your speed. I don't think the header would add much anyway. That's just my opinion.

yes thanks I'm just putting on the slipon and Rekluse. By the way I was imagining a little right I slipped out went to catch it I bent my boot from toes at buckle over as you can see.PS 5 MPH. No this bike is fast wow to that I need to put factory connection on it soon oh wait I'll be getting surgery. I was 10 miles away from home, I had to start it and I was praying out loud.

Do you own one?

oh by the way I'm not fast anymore

I'm not mad thanks for your post.

I quit riding 10 years ago but I'm going to be getting back into it. I'm thinking about getting a 2015 YZ450F.

If you haunt riding unless your like me it came back fast just becarefull.

The new 450s are mean I also have a 2013 rmz 450 it also has balls.

That's coming from a guy who raced 91 cr500r. There different than the old crapy thumpers. they are deceiving in the mph are more and you can rev them 11,000 rpm and more and don't nose over. Theye are also caddilacs in the dirt the technology today is insane.

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