Cool! I'm a silver member!!

Just wanted to take advantage of this moment to thank you for all the fun you guys gave me and for the infos you've been sharing. I have learned a lot since I'm chatting with you so thanks a lot again. :):D

We are trying to pay you Canucks back for Shania Twain.

Great :)

Ha ha!!! :D I prefer Rush and Nickelback :) well it's true that Shania got those...convincing arguements :D

Hey Math! You still moving our way next month?

Smoke :)


I've bought a house on meola, miaola (However you spell it) st in Worcester. It will be delivered during the summer (june). This is gonna be great because it's gonna be my first house and I will finally have my own garage!!!! Yepppeee!!! :D :D :D

I'm presently looking for a 4-6 month lease to settle down in Wor by this time the house is gonna be ready. It is a little bit difficult...

Any of you guys from the area would be able to store my bike until I move in my new house (and garage)?

See you :D:):D

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