stock suspension setting? 98' WR

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the stock suspension settings are for a 98' WR400F. I'm having trouble dialing in the forks mainly and would like to use the stock settings for a starting point and go from there. The front end seems pretty harsh in the rocks and I've pinched two front tires in three weeks. :) Any help would be appreciated.


98' WR400F

Go to

You will find the basic settings there according to your weight, level ...

The basic rule is to use the maximum travel of your suspension.

Soft tracks : soft suspension

hard tracks : hard suspension

Low level : soft suspension

High level : hard suspensions




'99 WR400 F, YZ exhaust, throttle stop trimmed, WR timing, airbox cover removed


Thanks for the reply I'll check it out.


I have a 98 in Oz. If you can get Redline "Like Water" fork oil and run it at an oil height of 100 mm, the stock damping setup can work. Redline have an importer in Westralia. I found their contact from the Redline Oil site.

The bottom shim stack is too stiff for those small rocks, it was corrected to some degree in later models. I eventually removed 5 of the large shims and rearranged the stack to allow a larger maximum opening. This works well with 5wt oil. The Race Tech guys have a mod of their own or you can go the whole hog and have a set of race tech valves installed. They set them up for your weight and style. you may need to buy different springs to match the Race Tech damping. They can work pout the whole package for you.

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