Need 426 Clutch return spring help.

Yesterday went riding and at the end of our session I couldn't shift gears. Took a look at the return spring for the clutch(top of motor on left side) and the spring wouldn't return the lever from the cable(not on handlebars, but on the motor connection). We tried to find the right position to let it engage but nothing really worked or binded up to were it was worse than before. Rode around to find other WR's and the 04's and 05's 450's had different spring location were the bottom of the spring mounted to the motor.


Wondering on how this works, the connection for the spring to work. If you have a 426, possibley shooting a pic of your spring were the spring is mounted at the bottom?


Maybe the Spring is worn out and how do you change it?

Your clutch springs and your clutch cable need replacing

Probably you clutch fibers too

The probable cause of the lever not returning is that the actuator arm and/or the push rod is worn out

The spring you are reffering to is not the issue


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Is this something I need to tear out the motor for and do a complete tear down?

Clutch engages, just the outside spring doesn't want to return it. 

It's all under the clutch cover / no tear down


Check you cables first, but you symptom is that of a worn out actuator.

The clutch lever(on the motor) is 3-4 inches to the right of the clutch cover. Is the actuator under the cover?


I just ordered the 426 Yamaha Service Manual. I am hoping I can get this figured out.

I looked online last night and couldn't find the locaation of were the clutch spring is supposed to be located to position itself for retention. Any help from fellow 426f owners?

So I finally received the clutch spring I needed for the retention lever. Sucks I have to pull the entire motor out to get to the bottom end to replace that simple spring. This is going to blow!

So I finally received the clutch spring I needed for the retention lever. Sucks I have to pull the entire motor out to get to the bottom end to replace that simple spring. This is going to blow!


I am not familiar with that model / year bike, so take the following for what it's worth:  Reading this thread, it sounds like you are kind of lost.  One poster said it sounded like it was a worn actuator and clutch springs (6 small springs).  If you look at the parts diagram, there is a rod that goes through the clutch to the actuator.  Once you pull that push rod out, the clutch actuator arm should just pull out.  I have a newer YZ and WR450 and I don't have a spring under the actuator arm, but it looks like yours does.  From the parts diagram, I cannot tell if this is inside or outside your case.  If it is outside, you should be able to mess with it after pulling the actuator arm (only need to remove the clutch cover).  At that point, you can check the other parts for damage / within spec.

MCH, yes it is the actuator arm outside on top of the leftside of the motor where the clutch cable connects to that the circular spring is located under the arm. So I can go into the clutch cover and somehow find a release to be able to pull this arm out through the top? Awesome, save me some monies.

Get your service manual here for free download:


I have no idea what year you have, but I just looked at the one for a 01 WR426 and it should have all the info you need.


In addition, check this video

around minute mark 3:00 of this video.  Once you get that center rod out, it should allow the actuator arm to come out.  Well, it looks like you also have a small screw by that actuator arm holding some retention plate you need to remove too.  Before you put that cover back on, make sure it all feels right... it could be that arm or the rod is worn  No sense screwing up the gasket putting it back together with worn parts.

I greatly appreciate your help with this. You have been very helpful and going to sace me alot of money. I am going to go through the clutch parts and look for anything worn and fix what I can. I already have the service manual and this video will help to. Thanks again!


Here is some pics another member took for me of the Clutch retention spring that needs to be replaced.So that we are clear.

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Going to pull the bike apart next weekend, looks pretty simple from the service manual and the video. Would've done it last weekend, but had the MotoGP in town. Please pass on any advice you might have for fixing this.

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