Should I worry or not

Just drained the oil on my 13 350 ..what do you think


It doesn't look too bad, what does that one big piece look like? Solid piece of metal or fibrous like clutch material.

I'd clean it, fill it back up and go for a short leisurely ride, and drain again warm, to keep anything suspended within the oil. Use a clean pan and inspect the oil that comes out to see if it has a metallic hue....that being said what did the oil that came out with that plug look like?

The 350's leave some serious pieces .... that was standard issue on my 11 350.


I unloaded mine when I got a piece on there about the size of a 1/4 of a dime.


Still ran fine though

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Thanks for the help .. The oil came out fairly clean .. as it always does ..I change it every other ride ..that big piece does look like metal not fibres.

Does the starter motor sit inside the gearbox .. I'm thinking it may be the starter pinion gear that may cause this metal in these engines ??

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I don't know where the starter motor is, but the starter gear has to be inside any engine in order for it to engage the " flywheel"

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