Woods Riders: Best Bark Buster setup? Survey

What works for you?


I've done some product investigations and think I have finally come up with a good or best choice, but would like to hear from those of you woods riders out there.  Please specify what type of blade and bar mounts you prefer and why.


Equally, what didn't work for you? and why.

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Cycra pro bends.  They bend down and away from your wrists while still providing awesome protection and they are very strong as well.  Coupled with a set of brp moto threaded inserts for your bars and you have a very solid setup.

Brp threaded bar inserts, brp inner mounts and cycra pro bends. As bulletproof as it gets

I have & currently use several brands. Usually buy what's on sale. As long as my hands are protected, I'm good. I have found not all handguards are created equal. So far, any handguards I've used have saved both levers & bones.

Enduro Engineering makes some good ones also.

I believe the Enduro Engineering, Moose, and MSR, are all the same just rebranded.

Another vote for the cycra pro bends. Love my set.


On my spare bike I have the flag guards that don't wrap around. I don't like them.

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They are all pretty good. The key here is the quality of the installation and the angle you set the busters to. Too low and they pivot downward. Too high and they can break stuff like bones and throttles. Ive had great success running them level, and hammering the correct size nut into the handlebar. All those expanding systems are compromises. I have yet to have one twist. They dent before they move!

Anther for the pro bends here.

i use moose contours with highway dirtbikes threaded bar inserts and sicass racing flags.

i use the sicass racing flags because i have a plate on my xc-w and need turn signals. the sicass flags have them built in. i beat the crap outta my bike (drop it in rocks, run it into trees, send it tumbling down mountain sides, etc.) and, somehow, those turn signals in the flags never break.

i use the threaded inserts because those cam thingies that come with barkbusters eventually stop working and allow the barkbuster to rotate way too easily. with the threaded inserts, they are rock solid.

i use the moose contours because i got them for dirt cheap. they may not be the best ones on the market, but they work fine.

G2 ergonomics threaded inserts and cycra pro bends, plus, the color options are almost endless between the rash guards and the brush guards. I currently have orange rash guards (side pieces) and blue brush guards, they match my six days graphics!

Surprised nobody mentioned Acerbis Rally, all the XR guys here swear by them and I seen them go through some real nasty stuff.


I have been looking at some EnduroEngineering, never thought they were generic rebrands...can anyone confirm?

I believe the Enduro Engineering, Moose, and MSR, are all the same just rebranded.

Sure look like it cause i have the moose brand el-cheapos but look just like the others , i won't spend high dollar on shit i'm going to bounce off the trees  :lol:  as long as they don't crush i'm good and they screw in the bar ends with the same type clamp as the rest. 

I have found the Cycra Pro Bend to be soft and crappy. Had several sets that came on bikes and I wrecked them pretty quickly. Seen many others twisted up in one crash as well.

I have Moose guards on four bikes and they work great. Inexpensive and super strong.

+1 for probends

If anyone has a link (preferably with pictures) as to how they should be set-up, please post.

My new machine has them but I think they are set too high..(pictures in CRF450 specific forum).

I have lowered the bars some to my preference from +1 (forward) to not quite -1 

It's almost easier to ask which bark buster brand to avoid.

Surprised nobody mentioned Acerbis Rally, all the XR guys here swear by them and I seen them go through some real nasty stuff.


I have been looking at some EnduroEngineering, never thought they were generic rebrands...can anyone confirm?

Yep, they are the exact same as msr and moose.

I'm running moose aluminum guards ( $45) and the Cycra replacement shields mounted to those guards ($20?). Works great for me so far, I prefer the Cycra shields over the moose because Cycra shields are very tough and have held up to falling on very rocky singletrack.

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