After I installed a bearing I noitced this! 2013

As you know I have been doing a new engine build with a brand new crank case.


Ok so I noticed a small line near the one bearing I was installing this is the stator side shift drum bearing.


I also took a pic when I first got the case in, It looks like there might have been a small casting line there and with the heat and oil after installing that bearing I really noticed it.


Now I looked at the old case and there is a line.


Now I did have to slightly tap this  bearing in after heating the case a freezing the bearing a few times to get this in.


Now it does look like in the new pic there is a faint line.



Should I take this to a machine shop and have them just weld a line just in case to reinforce this area. There isn’t anything on the outside of the case, no stress cracks or anything.






Looks like a result of casting process to me.

no problem, looks fine to me, casting line.

seen that exact same type of mark on plenty of cases old and new

OK so continue worry free....? freaked me out too on are good.

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