UTAH RIDERS..... anyone riding ANYWHERE in utah???

Taewa, I'm in Utah County & have taken my wheelers & Bikes to Escape (formerly Frandsens) in Provo. Arnie did my YZ timing & valve adjustments. A lot of people don't like them but they have always treated me right.

My favorite place to ride is up American Fork Canyon on the single tracks. Might be June before enough snow melts though?

"...Escape (formerly Frandsens) in Provo. Arnie did my YZ timing & valve adjustments. A lot of people don't like them but they have always treated me right."

People don't like them cuz they are rude, or cuz they do crappy work? I can handle a rude dude, but I don't want anyone messing up my bike ya know ?!

Here's my experience with Frandsens/Escape mechanics...

2 years ago I sent in my KTM520 because I was having difficulty jetting the bike. Ya I know sounds super basic, but I wanted some extra experience behind the changes. Well, 2 weeks later it wasn't done. I had to harrass them for another week. When they returned it, the bike didn't idle and was running extremely lean. I had to take another 3 weeks fiddling with it to get it to run well. $100 bucks charged for the privledge of doing the work myself.

Doing it myself through trail & error turned out positive because now jetting, valves, rebuilds and the like are something I feel confident doing myself.

My 2 cents. Good luck to ya.

- Eric

My problem is that I don't feel comfortable doing any of the jetting or complicated mods. I have NO experience dinking with that stuff, so have to trust someone. Are there any places that are better up in Salt Lake Area? Or any private guys that would sit with me? Also, most of my riding is more technical (low-end) so do you guys think i should stay with WR timing instead of changing cam to YZ timing since I have a big bore bike?

I would suggest starting with jetting, cutting the grey wire, and all the free mods and move forward from there. My understanding is these WR's come pretty plugged up. Lot's of free mods. You'll likely be happy without doing extensive engine mods.

Doug (ogrebelle on thumpertalk) has your exact same bike. You may want to send him a PM to ask what his jetting is to get a baseline. Changing the jets out is a pretty simple job. If you need help, I'm in Cedar Hills. Happy to lend a hand.

- Eric

As you can see..I am a newbie to TT, so don't know how to send a "PM". I searched for ogrebelle, but it just came up with our current thread. I would be very grateful for any helping hands. I would be happy to drive up to Cedar Hills some Saturday if you have any time. I'd like to find out any parts I may need in advance (any different pins/jets/cams etc..) so we don't get stuck w/o a part.

I'm kinda like the Devil...speak of me and here I am. Always lurking about. See my sig for my bike and settings. It runs fantastic, real crisp and responsive.


A year ago when I asked you about Frandsen's you gave them a thumbs up. What...? Are we not friends anymore?


mrmoto - I'm just below you in PG. DO you ever ride AF?

I have heard so many bad things about Escape. But I'll probably keep going there, until they screw me anyway? The parts is a joke over there.

Taewa, talk to Kelly at Moto-X Outlet in Orem. He's a super nice guy & can probably set you up with someone? A co-worker had new exhaust & suspension work done through him.

If someone wants to help me get rid of my bog at the crack of the throttle, please feel free!


I have the same bike. My settings (see below) took care of that completely. Take a look at them, you may want to consider a few. I would definately do the BK-mod and the ACV mod if you haven't already. This will affect your jetting though so you'll need to do that too.


wakin, thanks for the info. i've been in that moto x shop. i see you have switched to YZ timing. have you lost the low end for technical riding? i want to do the free mods on my own if possible, but don't know how hard they are...with very little mechanical experience (but i am a very quick learner), which mods do you think i can do on my own?

There's the infamous ogrebelle. Looks like you have pretty much the same bike (a year newer), but with all mods. Please see my other postings in this thread, but with little mechanical experience, which mods do you think I could handle, and in which order (of performance)?!? Thanks in advance.


Definately do the grey-wire, and remove the throttle stop and airbox lid if you haven't already. These are pretty easy so just about anyone should be able to handle them. The YZ-timing isn't hard but some people get really frightened if they see the inside of their engines. On your year I think there is something different than the BK-mod that accomplishes the same thing (wheel-collar mod??), I'm not sure how difficult it is. Also on your year you don't do the ACV mod but you "de-octopus" it which accomplishes the same thing but I don't know the details. They made changes to the carburator from 1999 to 2000 which is why the different mods. Hope this helps.


helps a ton. thanks. I'll look into it.

ogrebelle - I read the BK mod instructions. Since changing bars is challenging to me, I don't dare dig in to the BK mod. Maybe we should all send our women to Bunko one night & have a TT mod party?

Taewa - Frandsen's changed my timing in Dec. when I was out with knee surgery. Monday was my first ride since then. It definately wheelies easier. I think it will be fine on technical trails. A guy I ride with has a 99' 400 that is YZ timed & he rides the tech stuff really good.

LOL. Amen to the TT mod party. The only thing is that I am the one that seems to need the most help. LOL. You just went out for a ride? where did you go w/o snow and frostbite?

My favorite place to ride is up American Fork Canyon on the single tracks. Might be June before enough snow melts though?

Might be NEVER before you get to ride the single track in AF Canyon. AS of January 1st of this year, AF Canyon is supposed to be closed to off-road vehicles. You can ride up the dirt road and that's about it. :)

We rode it late last year for one "last hurrah"...

Do a search in the archives from last year and you'll find the article posted on it.


Taewa - we went to Little Sahara. I was pretty comfortable wearing a long sleeve T & a jersey. There was too much snow but it was fun climbing sand mountain.

Dan - As I understood from the rangers, the trailheads around Tibble Fork will be closed but we will be able to access the Ridge trail & most of the upper trails from the trailhead by the Dell?

If you're comfortable with a drill and tap you'll be fine for the BK-mod, otherwise it'd be a shame to see you munch a perfectly good carburator :).


Wakin - We were told that the entire east side of the

mountain would be off limits. Well, if we can still ride up

high, then I suppose it's not a total loss. Contact me when

you're ready to go and we'll go with ya. :)

When the snow melts, of course. :D


Alright everybody... let's go ride the dunes at little sahara March 6th. Let's meet at 11:30am and ride till we drop :). There'll be plenty of time to discuss bike mods and burn some gas. A friend of mine was down at little sahara yesterday and said the white sands area is pretty much melted - very ridable, but the hills at cherry creek are still snowed in. I'm happy to stay in the dunes and low level sand trails. Everybodies who's in, sound off.

- Eric

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