UTAH RIDERS..... anyone riding ANYWHERE in utah???

Dan - looking at the "new" map right now. A huge chunk is closed but the entire ridge trail is still open, that's where we ride anyway. If you have a map, 155, 157, 037, 038, 031 & 032 are all open single track. Now if the snow will melt!

wakin - count me in for AF when the snow melts. some absolutely beautiful single track up there.

Can someone give me directions to Little Sahara? I'm a foreigner (Oregonian). I will try to do some of the free mods this weekend, then I will be set to test it out next Saturday...hopefully this warm weather is here to stay! Also...I just bought Travis and the Nitro Circus DVD. Pretty rad, but mostly freestyle. Anyone have any favorites for an actual dirt trail riding DVD (not just a bunch of backflips and supermans)????

nevermind...I found directions. Do you have to sport a whip flag on your bike down there? You can still give me input on the DVD, but here are directions to little sahara in case anybody else is wondering:

From Salt Lake City, travel south (approximately 115 miles) on Interstate 15 to Exit 225. Turn right and take State Highway 132 toward Nephi. Continue west from Nephi on State Highway 132 for about 13 miles, then northwest for 9 miles on Juab County Route 1812 to Jericho Junction. The entrance road to Little Sahara is 4 miles west of Jericho Junction. There is a visitor center near the pay station at the entrance.

Time to ride and Time to Ride 2 are both pretty good. There's some cheesy camera tricks that kinda piss me off (because they put them on just at the point I want to see the action.) You'll see what I mean when you check them out.

I see you bought the power now. What are your thoughts? I was considering it also. and THANKS for the DVD ideas!

Some people swear by them and say they got lots of power increase. Me? I didn't really notice a difference. If I had it to do over, I would have spent the money elsewhere. You can do the JamesNow mod and save yourself $100. :)

:) I'm up for the ride on the sixth. I should have my bike back together by then and hopefully it will start easier. :D

Alright everybody... let's go ride the dunes at little sahara March 6th. Let's meet at 11:30am and ride till we drop :). There'll be plenty of time to discuss bike mods and burn some gas. A friend of mine was down at little sahara yesterday and said the white sands area is pretty much melted - very ridable, but the hills at cherry creek are still snowed in. I'm happy to stay in the dunes and low level sand trails. Everybodies who's in, sound off.

- Eric


You stranger. When are we going for a Sunday ride?? hehe

Hey Danny, I'm good to go any time you want to ride on a sunday. :)

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