1990 xr600 kickstarter not returning

Hi everyone new here to the forums wanted to see what your guys thoughts on this issue I'm having. For one I'm having no luck in getting this bike to start at all recently had the bike rebuilt after motor grenaded. When I got the bike back the kickstarter would not return after kicking it. We too the side cover off to check it and found that kickstarter would return. However when you put the side cover back on and tighten it all down same problem happens. It never did that before it blew up.

What bikes this..XR,,XL...What year???..There's a trick to getting the return spring in the casing,,refer to the manual..


Course it may also be that the plastic part inside the kicker springs had it or it's jamming on some part of the old style auto decompressor system if it's an older XR/XL..ie..pre 86..that's why the year's important..

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