Fat bar adapter problems.

I was using a generic fat bar adapter made by pro taper for my yz250 but it won't work on the L. The stock bolts are too big to sink into the recession on the riser. The allen bolts that come with the kit are made for the top. They stick out into where the fat bars would rest. I went all over town today looking for a bolt with a small enough head to fit in there. 


What are my options? I want them to be raised the least amount possible. 




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They won't work...maybe if you got button head Allen bolts maybe. I ended up buying the Pro Taper universal fat bar kit and worked perfect on my xr650l.

i put adapters on my L also, you sure there wasnt other bolts in the package and those are for top clamp???


youll just have to go to hardware store and find some bolts that will fit, take adapter with ya

My Protaper mounts used button head screws.


If you can't find the correct fasteners I'd mark the bolts with a witness mark and then hit the head with a grinder.

If you cannot find something local you could probably find something that would work at McMaster-Carr HERE.

I got it fixed by just purchasing another kit from my local shop. I must have lost the original bolts that came with that kit. 

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