PWK Airstriker on YZ250

My carb body is toast, slide is hanging up and trying to kill me. I'm looking for a replacement.

JD sells a pre jetted PWK Airstriker. Anyone using them on TPS equipped YZ250's?

I'm having a hard time finding a TPS/Powerjet carb as a replacement.

The JD air striker is a screw top and won't fit very well.


You'll need either new from Yamaha, or one from another YZ250. You may be able to get away with an Air Striker from a kawi or suzuki, but I doubt the TPS/power jet wires will be the same.

Been down this road.  Your choices are to spend $800 for a new carb at your dealer, aprox $650 at the on line joints, or start scouring Ebay and Craigslsit for a used carb.  You have to be really careful with used ones because most are from bikes that are being parted out and the seller doesn't even really know what he is selling.  Half the time they can't be bothered to even clean the damn thing or take decent pics.  There is a high risk you end up with a carb as shitty or worse than the one you have.  All the sellers will tell you "came off a running bike".  Gee, thanks.  MOst used ones seem to go for around $175 on ebay.  Might get lucky if you find one local on craigslist.



 I did the rb designs carb mod. Works really good and recommend it. Way better low/mid response, starts even easier, idles like a champ, no more TPS wires.

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