What shocks are these?!

Soooooo.... Bought a suspension setup off a guy a few months ago, decided to try and make them work after I've come to realize I don't like the setup I have now on my 2001 YZ250. He said they came off an early 2000s YZ250, ProAction says YZ125. Never found an actual year as to what these came off. They're valved/sprung for 145lb woods rider. I'm 170lbs and my bikes sprung for 205lbs. Kicks the crap out of my arms by the end of the day. My thought was to put the stock springs(that came with when I bought it) back into the ProAction stuff and give it a shot. Figured it'd at least be less harsh than what I have going now.

Today. I get the springs swapped over on both the forks and shock, no problem. I go to put the shock in and the spring perch hits the swing arm. Ggggrrrr. Pull it out and start comparing comparing the old and new shocks. The one that came out of my 01 is on the right, the ProAction is on the left. The spring perches, lower mount(rebound adjuster) and the upper mount heim is the only differences I see. After looking and thinking, I decided to try using the perch off the 01 to move the spring up and away from the swing arm. It worked and I got everything to bolt in just fine. Now the problem is the rebound adjuster is kind of blocked by the linkage and a pain to adjust and the shock itself is kind of free to flop around or rotate. Like I can grab the nitro can and move it left and right.

I'm at the point now where it's 100 degrees outside and I'm nervous about trying to try these forks being how hard this stupid shock was to rig up lol. I have no clue now if I should just keep going and just see what happens or put it all back the way it was. Anyone have any idea what this suspension is off of and if it'll work? Or any ideas? Really appriciate it!ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1405979026.737367.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1405979039.587229.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1405979059.136287.jpg

Can't see any pic ?

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