Throttle assembly

I just bought a 98' Yamaha blaster 200

The lady said it needed a new throttle cable, so I take off this switch assembly off and I replaced the cable and now the switch assembly won't thread back into the carb, the threads inside the switch are flat and that's why it won't thread, how can I fix the threads?ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1405980155.687815.jpgtImageUploadedByThumper Talk1405980172.187336.jpg

I would say purchase a new carburetor cap, however I don't think anyone would want to spend $65 on a moose carburetor cap.


A banshee cap may or may not work. I would do some research on that.


They don't sell oem TORS caps, so the moose may be the cheapest option. I believe that cap removes the TORS system.

Okay thanks

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