xr650l intermittent no start. GRRRRRR

So the ol xr650l start sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. One it starts it will run just fine until I shut it off. Then, who knows. Its a no spark when it does do it. Any ideas??

start stop switch was my issue

Try smacking the back of the CDI when it won`t start,if it starts up after smacking it read my CDI repair thread at the top of this forum...


The stop/run switch can be an issue too,,clean it with electrical contact cleaner and regrease with dielectric grease......


The most common issue with no start/no spark is the CDI,,followed by the Pulse Generator and finally the stop/kill switch..


these are the most common......there are other things that can cause it of course,,but 95% are caused by these..


If smacking the CDI doesn`t work.ohm the Pulse Gen........




Where is the cdi on this bike?

It's in the battery box beside the battery. I had a CDI go not too long ago and your problem sounds the same. Mine would start in warm weather, and not in cold. I imagine this is because the solder joints would expand and make a connection where they were cracked when it was warm out.

03 XR 650L with desmog, opened air box, UNI foam air filter, Dave's mods, 55/160 jetting and Clarke fuel tank

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