RM125 Engine Number . . . . . this is more difficult than I expected.

Trying to identify a lower end that I have broken down.


I don't have the top end at all.


Engine number is F114 139078


My searching of the internets has me between 1989 and 1994 which doesn't help much unless all of those lower ends are the same.


I have a photo of the cases below.  I can get more photos, if I knew what I was looking for.


Any help would be appreciated!  



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Wow 55 views and no decoder .  .  .  .  . that is what I found when I searched for this.  That the numbers are a bit slippery.


I have the mag, the mag cover and the clutch covers.  There is a power valve governor.  Water pump is intact.  I have everything but the top end.


If anyone is knowledgeable, please tell me what and where to get pictures.  


What are the "field marks" :)



 A bunch of pics.


Up to 67 views .  .  .  .  . 


Somebody help!


I can narrow it down to 1992 to 1997 for certain.


I believe those covers were originally grey.  I am working on that right now.

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The water drain is on the face of the water pump cover.  Some of them have the drain on the bottom.


But I can't make any sense out of it!!

92 to 95

Thats a 93 motor. If theres black OEM paint on the covers, it's a 93. Only year of a black motor from 90-94

Not an 89 for sure. 

90-94 share case pieces, look to see if the microfiche numbers match for the parts you need.

Thank guys!

   Suzi, can you color that in a bit?  Why is it 92 to 95?     91 was a major model change, I got that end of if figured out.

  Afro, close inspection of the photos (of course I have the actual parts) shows the original color to be grey.

     No one has mentioned the engine number.  From my internet searches, it is worthless.  Am I wrong?


Call Suzuki they will tell you exact year just Google Suzuki motorcycles contact info

Thanks guys, I believe I have it narrowed down enough.  Seems all transmissions in that 92 to 97 range are the same.  

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