Camshaft one lobe is wore

Rebuilding my engine in my time off I want the make sure I get all the problems right the first time. So can some one please tell me why did this cam where one lobe and the same rocker arm?





Indicates a serious lack of lubrication.  :facepalm:

I'd replace the cam and rockers.  Also check the rocker shafts for wear. 

Also bet the timing chain is worn as well as the timing chain sliders.


Check ring end gap in the cylinder to verify ring wear.


Wrist pin OK?


Rod small end?


Big end bearing?


I had a similarly abused engine that I bought on ebay, ended up with a new cam, rockers, rocker shafts, cylinder, piston, and crank assembly.  Also new clutch basket and plates. Valves were OK. Go figure.

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