what year kdx 200 to buy or 220

Thinking of picking up a kdx200 or 220. I use to have a 99 200 that i really enjoyed so i thought i would try another. Are there any updates in the years past 99 that is worth getting over other years? Also from what i have read the only difference in the 220 is a bit more torque and doesnt rev as fast? Other than that i assume they are identical? I plan to find the lowest hour newest one i can find. Thanks

95-06 KDX 200 are all the same mechanically...just cosmetic changes. 97-05 KDX 220 are also the same...just cosmetics. The 200 versus 220 is engine mechanical differences only. Stock--the 200 is more well rounded in the power dept. versus the 220 which is designed for more bottom end. The 220 even uses a smaller carb than the 200...and, I believe, a slightly heavier flywheel.

Both are great bikes and can be modded to suit your riding style and conditions. The only major thing to watch out for is stock pistons on the 220. They tend to crack...especially if it's piped or modded...a Wiseco piston remedies this. I just picked up a '00 KDX 200 for my daughter as an upgrade from her TTR125...it's a great trail bike with potential as her skills improve.

Just pick up the cleanest, low hour, stock bike possible. With minimal mantainence you will enjoy it untill you retire from riding. Unless your'e a crasher, you will sell it for what you paid for it! Look up History of the KDX. I think it was Dirt Rider Mag that did an in depth article about the different models.

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